American Trench | Rugby Stripe | Burgundy/ Navy
American Trench

American Trench | Rugby Stripe | Burgundy/ Navy

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Introducing: Silver Rugby Stripes! Unlike our original Rugby Stripes, the Silver Rugby Stripes are pretty premium stuff: knit in a premium cotton yarn with pure, anti-microbial silver in the heel, toe and foot that kills bacteria and provides optimum odor and moisture control for days. They're also fully terry lined, so they're twice as cushy as our original Rugby Stripes and feel incredibly comfortable on. These socks were designed with business travelers in mind with an over the calf fit and classic color pairings that'll give that suit a pop. 

The days of packing a pair of socks for each day of a multi-day trip are over. With the bacteria killing silver, you can pack a single pair of business socks for the whole trip. The silver will keep the funk away for up to 10-12 days and also keep your luggage from smelling like dirty socks. Based on our own testing, we recommend one pair per 3-4 days of travel. You can go longer, but we found 3-4 days to be the right amount of time before we wanted to mentally switch things up (the socks were totally fine to go longer).

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